Become A Big


Thank you for your interest in becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister.

Along with this application, you will need to submit a copy of a government-issued photo ID, as well as your driver’s license (if not used as your government-issued photo ID), and proof of current auto insurance with a summary of coverage. All applications will be given equal consideration regardless of race, age, sex, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, religion or national origin.

In which mentoring program are you interested in becoming involved? required


Is it okay to text you?
Race/Ethnicity (check all that apply): required
Are you a student at this time? required
Do you have current or past military experience? required
Are you retired?
Are you separated/discharged (other than retired)?
If retired, separated, or discharged, please check the character of separation/discharge:

Possession of a driver’s license is required if you will be transporting a program youth in any vehicle you are operating.

Do you have a current and valid driver's license? required
Do you have a vehicle? required
Do you have valid insurance that meets or exceeds state required minimum?
Have you previously applied to be or served as a Big Brother or Big Sister here or anywhere else? required
Have you ever been involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters in a capacity other than a Big? required
Have you ever been involved with or volunteered for another youth organization? required
Have you ever been denied acceptance or released from service as a volunteer or employee for another Big Brothers Big Sisters program or youth-serving organization? required
Are you interested in learning about additional ways to contribute to the Big Brothers Big Sisters mission? required
If yes, please check all interests that apply.


Please list information for at least three references below including:

  1. Your spouse or domestic partner (i.e., if you live with a significant other/ girlfriend/boyfriend) OR a family member, if you do not have a spouse, partner, or significant other);
  2. Current or former employer or co-worker you have known for at least one year, or someone from your school (if you are a student);
  3. A friend or neighbor you have known for at least two years; AND
  4. All youth serving organizations at which you volunteered or worked at in the past 5 years.

4. In addition to the references above, Big Brothers Big Sisters requires references from all youth-serving organizations

at which you have worked or volunteered in the past 5 years.

Please include:

  1. The name of the organization
  2. The location of the organization
  3. The direct supervisor you worked with
  4. Dates of your involvement with the organization
  5. Contact information for the organization
  6. Your reason for leaving the organization

I consent to and understand that:

1) The references and youth serving-organization I listed may be contacted by mail, telephone, email, or in-person;

2) The information I provided may be used to conduct a background check, to include a search of public domain records, driving records check, juvenile and adult criminal history check (see attached authorization), military records, and other records where required by local, state, or federal law for volunteers working with youth;

3) I am in no way obligated to perform any volunteer services;

4) The BBBS agency is not obligated to match me with a youth and may deny my application or close my match at any time, and to protect all participants’ confidentiality, BBBS is not required to disclose reasons for doing so;

5) Other BBBS agencies and youth organizations where I have worked or volunteered may be contacted as references;

6) As part of the enrollment processes, I will be required to provide additional personal information, including completion of an in-person interview;

7) I understand that the information I provide in the enrollment process will be kept confidential, unless disclosure is required by law and with exceptions noted below.

8) I understand that incidents of child abuse or neglect, past or present, must be reported to proper authorities;

9) I understand that certain relevant information about me will be discussed with the parent/guardian of a child who is a prospective match (this might include demographic information, information relevant to parent/child preferences, and any information relevant to a child’s safety or well-being);

10) It is my responsibility to update the agency if any of the information I provide on this application, in my interview, or any other information provided during the enrollment process changes (i.e. address, phone number, auto-insurance, new criminal charges, etc.).

11) I agree to timely communication and follow-up with all agency staff.

12) Publicity and promotional materials for Big Brothers Big Sisters are conducted in a variety of forms. I authorize Big Brothers Big Sisters to identify me in the media as a Big Brother or Big Sister using my full name. I also give permission for the use of other forms of media including but not limited to written word, photo, video, and voice recording. Please initial here______ to authorize.


Big Brothers Big Sisters of Yellowstone County (BBBSYC) complies with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 as amended. BBBSYC services are provided without regard to an individual’s race, religion, creed, color, age, sex, national origin, disability, marital status or veteran status. If you believe discrimination is being practiced, you have the right to register a complaint with The Human Rights Bureau, Department of Labor and Industry, PO Box 1728, Helena, MT 59624-1728, 1-800-542-0807 and in Helena, 406-444-2884.

14) I will abide by the Big Brothers Big Sisters Confidentiality Policy: Due to the personal nature of the information shared by youth, parents/guardians, and volunteers, confidentiality is of great importance to us. Volunteer and youth files are secured, and access is available only to the professional staff, consulting professionals and Board Members who have received approval from the Board of Directors. Before a match is made, general information about the applicant which is considered relevant to the prospective match will be shared with the child’s parent/guardian. Parents/guardians have the right to refuse to enter into a match based on this information. Big Brothers Big Sisters volunteers are expected to respect the confidentiality of youth and their families at all times.

Exceptions to confidentiality:

a. Upon presentation of a consent to release information form signed by the volunteer.

b. For purposes of program evaluation, audit or accreditation within our organization.

c. Adherence to state laws mandating reporting suspected child abuse.

d. Pursuant to a valid, enforceable subpoena

Please read the following carefully before signing this application:

I understand that this is an application for a volunteer opportunity and is not a promise or commitment by Big Brothers Big Sisters.

I certify that all information I have provided or will provide to Big Brothers Big Sisters, including this application, is true, correct and complete to the best of my knowledge. I certify that I have and will answer all questions to the best of my ability and that I have not and will not withhold any information that would affect my application for a volunteer position.

I understand that information contained on my application will be verified by Big Brothers Big Sisters. I understand that misrepresentations or omissions may be cause for my immediate rejection as an applicant or my termination as a volunteer.

At any time while involved with the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, I agree to immediately inform my Big Brothers Big Sisters contact person of any and all infractions, violations, charges and convictions related to any civil, domestic, or criminal occurrences. I understand that BBBS staff needs to be fully informed to provide the best guidance or support possible.


Prior to your in-person interview, please answer the questions below. Parents of youth in our programs will often ask questions about someone with whom their child will be matched. The information you provide will also help us make a better match for you and assure we can support you during your involvement with our program. Please note that you will have an opportunity to discuss these questions and your responses more thoroughly during your in-person interview.

1. Do you have any concerns about your ability to fulfill the 12-month commitment required of mentors? required
2. Do you anticipate any significant life changes over the next year or had any this past year? required
3. Have you ever been accused, arrested, charged, or convicted of a crime? required
4. Have you had any driving citations and/or moving violations in the past 5 years? required
5. Do you have guns, ammunition, or other weapons in your house? required
6. Are you experiencing any physical or mental health issues? required
7. Do you speak any foreign languages? required
8. Which do you enjoy more? required
9. Would you describe yourself as a person who enjoys: required
10. Do you have any pets? required



I. Access to Confidential Records

In order for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Yellowsone County to provide responsible, professional service to clients, it is necessary for volunteers, clients and parents or guardians of clients to divulge extensive personal information about themselves and their families. The agency respects the confidentiality of client and volunteer records. Such personal information about clients and volunteers shall be shared only among the agency professional staff, with the exception of the specific situations described below.

Limits on Confidentiality

  1. Except as otherwise provided herein, confidential information concerning volunteers, clients and parents or guardiansof clients may be released to or obtained from other organizations or persons only upon written consent to release/obtain such information by the affected volunteer, client or parent/guardian. Information will be shared in summary form. Duplicates of agency records will not be shared.
  2. Identifying information concerning volunteers and clients may be used in agency publications or promotional material upon consent, written or oral, by the volunteer or client.
  3. For purposes of program evaluation, audit or accreditation, and with the prior written approval of the Board of Directors, certain outside bodies, such as Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, may be granted access to client and volunteer records. These outside bodies shall follow this Agency policy on confidentiality. Outside bodies shall use such information only for the purpose(s) stated in the approval action of the Board of Directors.
  4. Client and volunteer information shall only be provided to law enforcement officials or the courts by the Executive Director pursuant to a valid subpoena.
  5. Montana law mandates the reporting of suspected child abuse by professional persons and officials listed in Section 41-3-201, MCA(1991). The agency’s professional staff shall report suspected child abuse to law enforcement authorities when the staff knows or has reasonable cause to suspect that a client is an abused or neglected child. In addition, if the alleged offender is a Big Brother or Big Sister, the board president, legal counsel, BBBSA, and the agency’s insurance carrier will be notified. The match will be suspended immediately.
  6. Should the agency professional staff receive information that a client or volunteer may be dangerous to self or others, the Executive Director may authorize any Agency worker to take steps necessary to protect threatened individuals, including but not limited to making a medical referral or a report to law enforcement authorities. Clients and volunteers shall consent to this provision.
  7. The Board of Directors shall have access to volunteer or client records only upon authorization by motion of the Board. Such motion shall state who shall be authorized to review records, the specific purpose for such review and the period of time authorized for such review. Any member of the Board granted such authorization shall be bound by this policy on confidentiality. A violation of this policy shall constitute good cause for removal from the Board. BBBS of Yellowstone County

Policy on Confidentiality – 2

Nothing in this policy shall be interpreted as preventing the Executive Director from presenting a monthly program report to the Board of Directors. The program report may identify volunteers and children by name only throughout the match process from inquiry to closure. The Executive Director may summarize other information about the program not otherwise subject to the policy on confidentiality.

  1. Volunteer and client information shall be provided to the agency’s legal counsel in the event of litigation or potential litigation involving the agency. Information provided to counsel shall be considered privileged pursuant to Section 26-1-803, MCA (1991).
  2. At the time a child or volunteer is considered as a match candidate, information may be shared between the prospective match parties. However, the identity of the prospective match mate shall not be revealed until the parent and volunteer agrees to meet.

Each match party shall have the right to refuse the proposed match based on the anonymous information provided.

The information to be shared may include:

A. Volunteer: age, sex, race, religion, interests, hobbies, marriage and family status, sexual preference, living situation, reasons for applying to the program and a summary of why the individual was chosen for the particular match.

B. Child: age, sex, race, religion, interests, hobbies, family situation, living situation, a summary of the client needs assessment and expectations for match participation.

Safekeeping of Confidential Records

All case files and case notes, both active and closed, shall be kept in locking file cabinets. No files may be removed from the premises without approval of the Executive Director. Closed files will be retained by the Agency for a minimum of seven (7) years, or until the child reaches the age of twenty one (21), whichever comes first, after which time basic demographic information will be saved, and the remained of the record may be destroyed.

Violations of Confidentiality

Violations of confidentiality by agency personnel may result in disciplinary actions, including warnings, suspensions, or termination. Violations of confidentiality by volunteers and parents will result in warnings and if necessary, match closure.


I understand the agency policy with respect to confidentiality of client and volunteer records.

I agree to program participation under the conditions it sets forth.

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