High School Big Character Reference Form

The Laurel High School student who sent this to you is applying to become a volunteer mentor ("Big") with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Yellowstone County (BBBSYC) and has asked you to be a reference. BBBSYC is a mentoring program that develops and supports positive relationships that have a direct and lasting effect on the livers of young people. Our mentees, or Littles, are matched with mentors, of Bigs, that meet with the child at school or another site location. This student has applied to mentor a child in the Laurel Public School District.

Your responses to the following questions will be kept confidential and the student has signed a release permitting you to disclose information in order to complete this reference. Your responses will help us determine volunteer fit, including the applicant's suitability to be matched with a child in the BBBSYC program, and help to facilitate a successful match as part of a comprehensive enrollment process.

If you would prefer to complete this reference via phone, please call our Laurel School Program Coordinator, Rachel Hill, at 406-248-2229.

Reference Information
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Applicant Characteristics
Child Safety and Well-Being
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